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I can relate Feb. 12th, 2004 @ 09:27 am
When most people think of Valentine's Day, they think of the special holiday that you spend with the "love of your life", doing special things and buying them expensive gifts. And it's also that lovely time in February where people who are single suddenly feel lonely. The fact that Valentine's Day is about 6 days away doesn't phase me at all. I think that the holiday should be eliminated and I'm not just saying this because I'm single. I don't understand why people put so much effort into a day of showing "affection". If you're honestly in a good relationship, showing affection shouldn't happen on one day. In fact, most people end up fighting on Valentine's Day because of how, if you're in a relationship you're suppose to be buying gifts and treating your "loved one" with everything special. I would hate it if someone was treating me like the Queen of the World for one day and smothering me with gifts. I hate it when people buy me things.

Except for the fact that I do have a girlfriend, I still hate that fucking day. It's cursed for me, found out that my exboyfriend was cheating, wow that happened 3 Valentine's in a row. And then last Valentine's day I was alone, wathcing my exboyfriend and his ugly ass girlfriend make out in the middle of the hallway and be happy. Yay for me.
This Valentine's Day I plan to escape to my room and stay there until it's done. I don't even wanna know what's going to happen. Err... that fucking day. DIE!


Yes yes, that thing at the beginning is mine. MINE! I HAVE A COPYRIGHT! And Michelle doesn't give a fuck cause she's getting sex, because she snatched off my sex bracelet. AND MADE ME BLEED. Kinky?
I'm done. I update xanga, BETTER THAN LIVEJOURNAL.

Let xanga burn in hell.

It's all ready there! And some guy rubbed up my back.

Someone passed gas.

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Current Music: from all the crying

I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO Feb. 12th, 2004 @ 08:36 am
It seems like everything is falling apart on me. I don’t know what to do

On the 2nd I was told my grandfather had a stroke and went into a comma but I kept it together

On the 3rd my grandfather passed away I had to attend not one but two services but 2 but I kept it together.

I missed almost two weeks and so I have a lot to make up but again I say I kept it together.

I saw my sorry grades for second quarter and was told that I may not be able to graduate but say it again, I kept it together.

But last class was the last thing I could take I lost my position as Flight Commander in JROTC because they are a bunch of sorry heartless bunch of fucks. I dealt with the situation with a lot of class but in the end I had a total BREAKDOWN. I'm dropping that class and going into something like study hall to get my grades together and I’m also putting in my two weeks notice today.

I'm really trying but I cant seem to keep it together, and I want to be there for Tay and all the things she's going through and I want to be a good G/F and I want to do better in school but I can't seem to keep it together how can I be there for anyone else when I can't hold it together for myself, I just want to crawl away and die somewhere. I can't take all of this, I'm only one person.

I've never felt so much pain at one time

What am I going to do????????????????????
Current Mood: depresseddepressed

YEA YEA OKAY Feb. 2nd, 2004 @ 11:16 am
Okay so how was your weekend? Mine was great!

I went to the movies on Friday to go see You Got Served- the acting sucked but the dancing made up for it big time {if you like dance movies the go see it}

Sat. Well lets just say 6 time and if you cant catch on then maybe you shouldnt know.

And Sun. The boob you all know what boob i'm talking about yep Janets boob and if you are a loser like my brother and didnt get to see it, well how to i say it errr you SUCK

So Tay and I have talked and have made the choice for her to come to GA with us when we move and eventually move in together. yea shellys getting serious you never thought you would read that huh?

Oh my God i cant wait until Tays birthday so I can tell you what I did for her b-day. I'm hoping she'll like it, I mean as it closer to the date my nerves are become more and more rattled. I dont know I just have the habit of freaking out for no real reason.

My God i'm growing up and i dont know what to do i mean i want to be a
Toys-R-Us for the rest of my life, oh and by the way for my 18th birthday i'm going to be living in GA but i really want to see my old friends. What do you all think about coming down for a week to party i dont know but thats the idea at this moment. So tell me what you think about the idea and if you have anymore tell me about those too.So that means you CHER and HIL

I dont know if i'm getting out of here {school} early but i'm not going to shit on it just hold my breath and see what happend, i havent told tay yet so baby i guess this my way of tell you .

GTG bye
Current Mood: deviousdevious
Current Music: i no wanna grow up, i'm a retarded kid

YEA YEA OKAY Jan. 20th, 2004 @ 07:18 am
So you wont be hearing from Trish until sometime next week we're doin mid-terms. So whats up with eveyone how was ur weekend? oh mine well you'll find out after my gurl writes about it cause i really dont feel like it. A little lazy

OMG i have this one chick in my class who will not shut the fuck up. My god i just wanna kick her teeth in the back of her head. she is sooooooooooo fucking annoying errrr. I'm giving $200.00 for someone to kill the bitch shit I'll give you $1,000.00 if you can just get her to shut the fuck up. Going once, Going Twice, oh whats the Matt U'll do it? Huh, whats that? Fuck the one thousand you just wanna kill the bitch? ummm okay if you say so.

Gotta Go will be back soon bye
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YEA ME Jan. 16th, 2004 @ 12:03 pm
Current Mood: excitedexcited
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Do you know the whole time i was dating guys I didnt have this problem, I took that stupid quiz like seven times and it said the same damn thing. "You're not pregnant", now when I finally decide to date a chick, I'm knocked up. Damn you Tay. Too much sex. Oh wait wait wait, at least we dont have to worry about you poking the baby in the head.

Well sorry that Trish isn't here today but she is updating in her journal and she isn't very happy, so your stuck with me. Torry :-(

Go Shelly Go Shelly WooHoo WooHoo yea me

Wait {i'm making the bitch type fuck it i can't do it without her}


Now back to Michelle ... Go Shelly Go Shelly WooHoo WooHoo yea her. I made her do it. I really made her do it. I brought the fem out of my girl. Guess how. I made her do it!

Still don't know? Sex. I made her cum! Yay me!

Trish: She's yelling ... and jumping ... and making funny faces... and dances ...

o.o; Scary...


Okay, start from the beginning...

...as she gets distracted...


Okay, yeah here we go. In the beginning, when we tried that sex thing on her, it was horrible. And then we tried it again... and it was awkward. I don't want to talk about that one.

*mean comment* CAUSE NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR! *glaces at michelle*
*Sees middle finger*
*shuts up*


But last night... *smile* Oooooh. Let's just say that I'm happy with myself. Maybe she'll write about it cause I don't want to go into detail, at least not with Trish typing.

Nothing I haven't heard OR done before ...


I don't want to crush her little fragile mind. She has virgin ears! *coughs to herself* bullshit *coughs*


... *coughs to herself* BULLSHIT *coughs*


Oh baby, how do you feel about Trish coming over on Sunday? Maybe play some cards, bring in a cute chick with her? I mean I think it would be fun, we should hang aroud bug kids more often cause I'm ready to choke the shit out of those little fuckers we call siblings...



I have 1 sibling. He's 22. I like him.


Lucky bastard, to Trish. Okay...umm... TRISH'S XANGA:


Oh, yeah baby dont forget to put Cheryl on your buddy list. And make sure you put Trish too. Cause I'm making her update it. If not I'll rip her tit off.


2 points that I will make.

1! Xanga is better than live journal.
2! I have no tit to rip off...


I know Trish has one cause I poked it. Now she might just have ONE but... but I know cause I poked it. *trish hits her* Ow, maybe she can get the other one from the hot guy that sits behind us, cause his tits are beautiful. Shit I'll take his tits. Thought I don't think Tay would be to happy with that.


Tay, just thought you might like to know, her tits are fake. I bought them for her for her birthday. She use to be in a training bra: -32A
and now look at her! Bustin into a C and I can't tell with what she's wearing ... but Tay that doesnt mean I'm looking at her. But that means her tits will always belong to me... don't kill me ...

*runs and hides*


Cheryl, when are you coming over? I'm gonna rip your penis off! I am so heated with you, I miss you so much! And you're not here. And here's the guy with the boobs that Trish should have. Cheryl, baby... please come see me. I promise not to rape you... when you're awake. Or when my girlfriend is around, or at least when her back is turned. Shh, don't tell her. Oh shit, she's reading this isnt she? ELEPHANT SHOES BABY!


... yep *scratches head* ... Michelle's crossed over to the weird side and she's not coming home...

We gotta go to lunch, we'll update later, cause I'm sure we'll find some random subject to rant on. Like why is beer called beer? Why isnt' it called book? Deep marijuana thoughts...
» i dont know
So what do you wanna talk about? Hmm... let me think. Maybe we could talk about men and their little dicks (trish=hehe, funny). Nah, too many of them (trish=not ALL).
Michelle: *stares at trish*
Trish: *confused*

You know it's easier when you have something to write. But when you're sitting here all blank, you feel a little stupid. *snaps fingers* GOT IT!

Yay! 2 points for Michelle!

Today I went into a whole respect my authority mode for my ROTC class. I even told a boy that if he moved one more time I was going to make him beat his face (pushups) in his uniform. It was kinda fun. After class, Sgt. Bowman called me and Timmy in and I thought I was going to get in trouble. I come to find out he's like "terrific job!". I was like "Oh shit, hey I can do this more often".

Next... Oh Cheryl yes you can be like gay lesbian friends with my girlfriend, she's really nice, I think you'll like her.


I think we should all be gay lesbian friends with a little hint of bi in there. Thats for me and Trish. (Trish: YAY IM INCLUDED!)

*Gasp* Oh! I brought Tay's sketch book in. And everyone loved it. Trish tried to steal it. They keep saying "she's talented, she's so OMG! who did that?" And me, I just blushed and said "My girlfriend, isnt' she great?" I swear sometimes we get so freakin mushy. We being Tay and I. That people just wanna barf. But it's okay, the little bastards are just jealous. KILL THEM ALL! .... sorry a little psychotic, just a little.

So... what am I gonna do this weekend? Get laid, work, get laid again, CALL TRISH, and then get laid...one last time. And maybe play cards and get drunk and then get laid...again. Nymph? Yeah, that sounds about right.

-Trish's Thoughts-

After typing that last paragraph thingy up, I've come to the conclusion that Michelle needs to go to a 12 step program to find away

-Michelle Interuppts Trish's Thoughts-

Sex is great! I don't need help *rocks back and forth*

-Trish Again-

Right... Anyway she needs a 12 step program to help FIGHT HER ADDICTION! Wonder if they make sex patches ...



... Anyway ... Sexaderm XXX! Okay ... will continue later ... I lost my wisdom. AND MICHELLE KEEPS INTERUPPTING and there is a person on my head and on my shoulders and he has great boobs. But only one of them is a wonderful size. Michelle said most of that, cause she had sex with the boob.


Not with the guy just with the boob. And he's eating Trish's head. Head... HAHA! HILARY WHERE ARE YOU?

Trish wants to know too.

I miss you! Michelle and Trish say this. And and and if you don't get ahold of me I'm going to cut you. Trish didn't say that.

Oh, by the way... I want everyone to visit: dreamchylde26.

That's my Tay Pay's page


... baby names ... this is one step closer to where Trish realizes MICHELLE IS NEVER COMING BACK!


I didn't let her talk. I don't know why. I forgot what I was gonna say ... It was something witty. Oh yeah, I wanna meet this Tay person... mainly for alcohol reasons (joking) BUT that would be nice too. *winks*


Freaking idiots. I love you guys! *tear*
Okay, now I'm going to leave you freaking losers alone and go and fail math all the while thinking of my baby. Whom Trish wants to use... but meet at the same time. But she really does just want to meet you, as long as you have a bottle of vodka in your hand.

Oh, by the way... Cassie is a sex goddess. Random thought.




Can't we all just get along? Especially in the bed?


...no...yes? OH YES OH YES OH YES!


Woo hoo! Yay me! Okay all done. Love you all, BUH BYE.

-Trish One Last Time.-

I forgot what I was going to say again ... give me a minute ... Oh yeah! I think this is one of the longest journal entries that Michelle has. I'm special, I get to type it up. Oh, and Mike has a small peter weter (as said by Michelle) not that she would know by experience.



Se la vi.


All right... one more ...


» OH
Well it's 8:30 pm and guess where i am in fucking school i should even be here errrrrrr. i told lindsey about tay and she ws soooooooo happy for me and i was happy because she was happy that i was happy so i guess we were just two little happy motherfuckers yea

i miss my baby and i can't wait to get home so i can have hot hot hot hot deadly sex with her oh yea

baby i just thought i'd tell you I WOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH and you make me so happy baby and i would never ever do you dirty gotta go i love you much bye baby
You know how people have that killer sex well have you ever had sex the almost killed you? Well this past weekend I did. Well let's start here, me and Tay were playing cards and drinking and I was feeling a little nice and a lot horny. So we went upstairs to do the dirrrty. Everything was going well until towards the end my breathing started fucking up. When she stoppped we both realized that I was kinda hyperventalating. I couldn't control my breathing. And she freaked out a little bit, it was so cute! I told her that I would tell everyone that she tried to kill me and here I am. Tay tried to kill me during sex. Amazing sex. But deathly sex.

Now on to the more common part of my weekend. Went to Red Lobster and had LOBSTER TAIL! It was awesome. Yeah yeah, oh Tiffany called me. Should I start from the beginning? Okay, since you insist. This is what happened:

A few weeks back I saw Tiffany at the mall and she almost ripped my guts out for not having my phone on. So I gave her my new number and she did the same (gave me her number). Later that day I call her and her psycho girlfriend flips out on the phone. So I basically tell her that I'll call her soon and left it as that. Two weeks later it was Christmas and I had my phone off and when I turned it on I had 2 messages. Guess who they were from? Yup yup yup Tiffany! Yeah ... She was like "Yeah I wanna speak to you, blah blah blah" so I called her. But by that time I had a girlfriend. I waited until Tay went into the bathroom so I wouldn't be rude. And I called Tiffany, the conversation went like this:

"Hey whats up, how you doing, great" -Me

"Where are you?" - Tiffany

"Oh at the mall"

"With who?" - Tiffany

"My girl"

"Your girl... meaning?" - Tiffany

"My... girlfriend"

"Oh no *click*" - Tiffany

Yeah, so after that I was like fuck it, fuck her I'll talk to her soon when she gets the chance to grow up. So... the day before yesterday I thought she might have grown up, so I called her to invite her and her girlfriend over to play cards and have some beers. But she didn't pick up. So I was like, whatever. When I get up the next morning, guess what I have on my phone. A NEW MESSAGE! And it's from Tiffany. She's like "yeah, I'm sorry I missed your call I was really looking forward to speaking to you" or some mess like that. "Call me soon".

I don't know why I just told you that but, interesting little story, right? Yeah okay. I think that's it. Oh yeah, a slight interruption from Trish's thoughts.

*Trish's Thoughts*

-Our teacher has gone crazy. TREE HUGGER! Michelle thinks I'm an asshole BUT WHO TYPED THIS WHOLE DAMN THING UP FOR HER!? CAUSE SHE CAN'T TYPE THAT FAST? Me, muah!

She doesn't appriciate me anymore...we're ex-lovers but she broke it off with me for Cassie... mostly cause I wouldn't give her sex under the table in class. Sorry if I am slightly conservative... *glare*

Michelle: "Suuuuuuure you are"

Right...erm... TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO DO DRUGS OUT THERE.STOP... and share damnit.
(Almost done)

I love our teacher. He's a tree hugging, looks like a dick when he doesn't have his beard, has the worst attitude in the world, is best friends with Mr. Matters, loves to be Irish.

-End OF Trish Thoughts-

The entire time the teacher was behind me.

..................... *static* ...................

Umm... Still Trish typing... I LOVE YOU TAY! But not me, no not me, Michelle does. BUT I GUESS I COULD TOO! haha......no.........can't wait to meet you...... the person who almost killed michelle.
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